Professional life

We build our professional team by carefully selecting people with university or college background from the best local institutions. We focus on shaping their professional life through complex training programs and on-the-job development in a structured, supportive environment ensuring a continuous professional career for all our team members.

Empowering Excel Enthusiasts – The PS Excel Club's Journey


While the future holds exciting opportunities in leveraging business intelligence solutions and AI neural networks, mastering Microsoft Excel remains a valuable skill that can make your personal and professional life more efficient, especially if you are working in accounting and payroll such as ourselves.

Process Solutions introduced internal Artificial Intelligence (AI) Guidelines


Process Solutions recently published principles of  AI usage among its employees. In this, we emphasize the personal professional responsibility related to the recent prominence of AI technologies and draw attention to the opportunities and risks associated with AI solutions.

Process Solutions Poland promoted 28 talented professionals


This week we had the utmost pleasure of celebrating the employee promotions in the Polish office, with 28 qualified specialists being promoted to the new positions.

PS Hungary supports the future payroll staff with an Adult Education Scholarship Program


To support the growth of our payroll business we launched our “Payroll Scholarship Program”, which aims to support the adult education of our employees in addition to internal professional trainings. In this article we present the main elements of the Program. It is worth reading if you want to gain professional skills in payroll.



As a constantly evolving leader, one is increasingly confronted with wisdom that is still in the public consciousness as knowledge thousands of years old. These have been the basis of the history of excellent and virtuous chiefs, leaders who were able to work with sincere and dedicated service for those for whom they took responsibility, who were members of their team (population).

BBJ Market Talk – Radically different tax system making good digital progress


The Budapest Business Journal interviewed Károly Radnai, the managing partner of Andersen in Hungary, and András Szalai, CEO and managing partner of Process Solutions and asked them to give their assessment of the market situation in Hungary.