Cookie notice

3.01     What is cookie?

Cookies used by some PS are essential for proper functioning of the site (Necessary cookies), others collect information about using the site (statistics) to make the site more convenient and more useful. Some “cookies” are temporary and disappear by closing the browser, while there are durable versions that will remain on the computer for an extended period of time.


3.02    Use of cookies

The purpose of using cookies is to make the website more customizable to better accommodate the visitor’s interest and needs by making it easier to use. Cookies are also designed to help future user activities and to improve the user experience. Cookies can also be used to create anonymous, aggregated statistics, so we can understand how people using our website to further improve its content and structure. No natural person can be identified from this information.

There are two types of cookies used on a website, the session cookie and the permanent cookie. The session cookie is temporary, so it only exists until the visitor leaves the website. Permanent cookies will remain on the device, but they can be manually deleted.


3.03   Types of cookies

a)   Anonymous visitor identifier cookie placement

An anonymous visitor identifier cookie is a file or pieces of information stored on the user’s computer (or other Internet-capable device, like smartphones or tablets) when visiting the PS website. A cookie usually contains the name of the site from which it came from, its lifetime (ie how long it will remain on the device) and its value, which is usually a random generated unique number.

b)  Necessary cookies

Necessary for the proper operation of the PS website and allows the user to navigate on a website and the use of various functionalities, for example remember steps taken and text entered on previously visited pages during the same session.


Cookie name Purpose Expiry
PHPSESSID Ensure the proper functioning of the website. Session


c)   Performance cookies

Helps to better understand how visitors interact with the website by providing information about the visited places, the time spent there, and any issues occurred, for example error messages. This helps to improve the performance of the PS website. These cookies do not identify the user. Data is collected and aggregated anonymously.


The website uses the following service provider:


Google Analytics: Detailed information on this service can be found at the following link:


Cookie name Purpose Expiry
_utma Collect anonymous information for statistical purposes. 2 years
_utmb Session
_utmb Session
_utmt Session
_utmz 6 months


d)  Functionality cookies

Allows the website to remember selections made during the visit (for example username, language setting or location of the user) to be able to offer a more personalized online experience. Also allows to watch videos, play games and the use of collaboration services, such as chat rooms, blogs and forums.

Data collected by this kind of cookies may contain personal information shared by the user, for example username or profile picture. The visitor must be publicly informed what kind of data the website collects, for what purpose and who it is shared with. In case the user refuses these cookies, it may affect the usability and performance of the website and may prevent access to certain areas of the website.

e)  Targeted or advertisement cookies

These cookies are used to deliver content which more relevant for the user and for his interests. Also, it can be used to deliver targeted advertisements and to limit how many times an advertisement is shown to a user as well as to evaluate a performance of a marketing campaign on the site and to remember the websites the user already visited.

Most of these cookies following the visitors across websites by the IP address and may collect personal information about the user.


The website uses the following service provider:


Detailed information on this service can be found at the following link:


Cookie name Purpose Expiry
r/collect Marketing use Session

3.04    Cookie settings

Most browsers allow cookie settings to be changed, some of which accept cookies automatically by default, but this setting can also be changed in order to prevent the visitor from automatically accepting them for the future.

We invite our visitors to note that the purpose of cookies is to support the web site’s usability and processes and to facilitate and disable them, we cannot guarantee that the visitor will be able to fully use all features of the web site. In this case, the webpage may work differently in the browser.


3.05  More detailed information about cookie settings of the following browsers