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Trends in wage changes in Hungary, Czechia and Slovakia – PS’ regional survey

21-09-2023 Payroll Hungary

Over the past year, the observed inflation has not only had a significant impact on pricing but has also led to notable changes in base salaries. We analysed the data of fifty of our Hungarian clients, where the average base salary increase was 17.02%. Our regional offices noted an average wage change of 10.98% and 7.54% for the Slovak and Czech companies studied, respectively.

Challenges of digital transformation from human perspective – Human behaviour-shaping factors

11-09-2023 Outsourcing Hungary

PS-Digi-blog-5: In this article, we review the main factors that shape human behaviour, which form the basis for an individual’s actions throughout their life, and discuss through examples how understanding these can enhance the effectiveness of change management.

Digital transformation – Human aspect challenges and key target groups of change management

07-08-2023 Outsourcing Hungary

Digi-Blog-4: In our previous post we introduced the 5 most important methods that can be used to mitigate the risk of resistance to cultural changes that facilitate digital evolution. Now we launch our thematic post series presenting the ongoing change management challenges and possible solutions associated with digitalization: we briefly overview the unique characteristics of the human target groups involved in successful change management.

Change management and its cultural aspects in the digitalisation of accounting

25-05-2023 Outsourcing Hungary

Digital-Blog-03: Digital transformation has become a common term in the business world. However, although the challenges of digital transformation are numerous, often the cultural aspects of implementing and using complex digital systems are overlooked. In this article, we will explore the cultural constraints of digital transformation and strategies to overcome them, providing insights to help you successfully navigate this complex and challenging process.

5 key goals for digital transformation in professional business services

23-03-2023 Outsourcing Hungary

Digital-Blog-02: In the opening post of our blog series on the impact of digitalisation on the world of business services, we reviewed the key concepts. In this article, we present the five key objectives of digital transformation, the achievement of which – and continuous improvement – is not only an opportunity, but a prerequisite for business success for ambitious companies. These goals are: improving process efficiency and effectiveness, increasing agility, encouraging collaboration, ensuring greater customer satisfaction, and – a corollary but also a fundamental goal in its own right – reducing costs. As far as we know today, these can only be achieved in parallel through the conscious use of digitalisation technologies, in harmony with the adaptive development of business processes and human resources.

Digitalization – The engine of economic growth in the 21st century

31-01-2023 Outsourcing Hungary

Digital-Blog-01: Thoughts from the perspective of a regional business process outsourcing company. As a result of the forced acceleration of development during the almost three years of the pandemic, we read a lot about the digital revolution, which – given its expansion and attitude-shaping effect – should rather be considered a “digital evolution”.  In the series of PS blog posts following this opening article we will review and interpret the most important digitalization trends revolutionizing the changes of business thinking and environment in the 21st century.