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Questions that must certainly be answered in order to survive an economic and health crisis

23-12-2020 Outsourcing Hungary

Based on the experience of the first half year of the COVID-19 crisis, the main challenges facing us as a market leader in the business services sector have been identified and during the period, we were responding them we have gained serious experience that we believe is worth sharing.

Survival competences during a pandemic

22-12-2020 Outsourcing Hungary

The No.1 competence is making rapid decisions in an ever-changing environment in situations never seen before. The formula appears to be simple: the challenge for business managers is now that, in an unknown field of the crisis “COVID-19”, in a constantly changing health, legal, economic and labour market environment, they have to operate their “old” business processes simultaneously, while gradually developing new ones, without knowing under what conditions they will ultimately operate in the post-pandemic “new normal” world.

The big question is “how?”.

How did PS adapt its HR procedures to meet the challenges of 2020?

08-12-2020 Outsourcing Hungary

The COVID-19 pandemic has created new business situations among others on the field of HR functions operations. We started to have our HR processes adapted even before the beginning of the spring lockdown. As PS’s HR Director let me share here how we managed to meet the challenges.

COVID-19, the invisible factor irrevocably transforming the world—the launch of a Blog Series

06-12-2020 Outsourcing Hungary

We are launching our COVID-19 blog series with this post to share our experiences gained so far during the COVID crisis and our views on business changes in the world. We are confident that this will help our readers to get beyond the crisis with the least possible loss and to get straight ahead as soon as possible, strengthened.

Automation also revolutionizes payroll

02-12-2019 Payroll Hungary

Process Solutions, accounting and payroll service provider has researched data from 150 companies which are increasingly switching to paperless or even fully automated solutions. The main reason for this change is that automated processes are faster and more reliable solutions.

Changes in accounting – The focus is on automation and capacity management

14-02-2019 Accounting Hungary

According to the forecasts, the digitalization and evolution of robotics will significantly transform the labour market. Opinions are mixed on the future of accounting, so we were following up on what changes we can expect within the profession in the near future.