After GDPR panic, some calm please

In our earlier blogs we summarised what advantages the EU’s data protection reform can bring and what new opportunities will result from the regulation. A company developing a meditation application saw a very particular opportunity in GDPR.

Onece upon a GDPR




GDPR, GDPR compliance, GDPR panic

.The legal text caused headache to many, to say nothing of the development needed for compliance with its requirements that could also have caused some sleepless nights.

A company developing an application called Calm harnessed this problem by publishing an audiobook with the title “Once upon a GDPR” to help falling asleep. The company’s portfolio already earlier included histories for adults to help falling asleep, now this popular legislation was added to it.

A part of the regulation is read by nobody else than Peter Jefferson who was earlier working for forty years in British public service radio and was famous for his shipping related forecasts.

Our narrator helps our night sleep with a ninety minute extract that is quite sufficient to make anybody fall asleep.  (the webpage requires your registration for free)

By browsing YouTube numerous musical settings by various talents can be found who produced often very comic works from the regulation


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