With the growing severity of data protection regulations scandals concerning data also grew louder that contributes to making people more conscious when handling own data, thus improving data protection consciousness.




GDPR, data protection, smart solutions, secure online registration

According to opinion of the professionals of FORTIX, a data bank developed in Germany (VERIMI) helps people achieve greater control over data and have data in greater security with the basic principle that data need to be entered at a single point, on a single interface instead of doing so separately on each site. This way each user can process his/her data in a single system and it is sufficient to modify a given piece of data on this interface instead of doing so everywhere.

Similar to this solution, a system developed in Hungary (GoodID) is also available that likewise supports secure online registration, thereby facilitating the login process, since it is not necessary to remember user names and passwords. This task is performed by the application with a confidential unique key.

Data represent a growing value, therefore it is particularly important to handle own data appropriately, and to provide data in online processes with sufficient consciousness.


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