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EU customs tariff subject to significant changes from 1.1.2017

EU Customs Tariff will change significantly from 2017. With some cancellation of old and introduction of many new codes, as well as with changes in definitions. The changes will affect not only customs clearance but also Intrastat reporting.

New EU customs tariff taxes affect from 1 January 2017. The scope of changes is significant. 573 codes will be cancelled and 687 new introduced. The definitions of many codes are changing. Thus it will not be possible to classify certain goods under the current codes, despite that the code will remain valid.


Changed will among other impact the following type of goods:

  • agricultural products
  • chemicals and pharmaceuticals
  • wood products
  • digital memory media
  • machines
  • textile
  • transport vehicles


Customs codes are used not only in customs declarations but also in Intrastat reporting. We recommend implementing the changes as soon as possible to avoid issues during customs clearance or delays in Intrastat reporting.