Occupational Health Service in Slovakia

With effect from 1.1.2015, all employers are required to provide occupational health services.

So far this obligation intended to employers who employ employees third and fourth categories. Employees third and fourth categories performing risky work, such as working with carcinogenic factors, mining work and the like. From 1.1.2015 implies the obligation for employers employing workers first and second category, that is, those who work at no risk to health due to work and working environment, such as working in the office. The employer provides occupational health service by contractors.
The functions of occupational health service include in particular the evaluation of work and working environment, health risks, and make proposals for work categorization in terms of health risks, promoting the adaptation of work and working conditions for health, providing adequate counselling to employers and employees, taking part in on an analysis of sick leave, occupational diseases and work-related diseases, including the conduct of preventive medical examinations in relation to work. The amount secured by the guarantee.