Business roundtable for real-estate asset and property managers

The Prague office of Process Solutions organized Business Roundtable for real-estate asset and property managers. Tomáš Frkal, Managing Director and Lenka Pršalová, Manager presented a case study from a recent decision support project.



Czech Republic

real estate

Process Solutions Prague together with a major real-estate client have developed a Balance Sheet model to run ‘de-leveraging’ scenarios for reducing liabilities and increasing equity. Presentation of Tomáš and Lenka has also covered tax and accounting aspects of some current real-estate topics as extensive tenant incentives and domestic reverse charge on construction services.


Stanislav Servus of Dvořák & Spol. law offices has complemented the presentations with legal aspects and current topics in commercial law as for example newly enabled limitation of liability. Attendees contributed to very lively discussion and shared their industry experience.





The expert part was followed by a very interesting presentation by Lubomír Dvořáček about his wine making business. All participants had a unique opportunity to taste high quality Moravian wines including very rare Kosher wine



Presentation of Process Solutions is available >> here

Presentation of Dvořák & Spol. is available >>here

Presentation of Lubomír Dvořáček is available >> here