Empowering Excel Enthusiasts – The PS Excel Club's Journey

In a world where data-driven decision-making is the norm and digital transformation is in focus for most organizations, it is easy to overlook the significance of more traditional tools in our digital arsenal. While the future holds exciting opportunities in leveraging business intelligence solutions and AI neural networks, mastering Microsoft Excel remains a valuable skill that can make your personal and professional life more efficient, especially if you are working in accounting and payroll such as ourselves.

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Attila Sólyom, Digital Transformation Director, Process Solutions Hungary


That’s why, for the third time, we’re thrilled to share the success of Process Solutions’ Excel Club, a community that’s making waves by providing valuable insights and knowledge on Excel’s versatile functions and continually features. With over 150 enthusiastic attendees in the last two gatherings, it’s clear that Excel Club is hitting the mark.

Excel Club: A Source of Excel Inspiration

Spreadsheet handling applications are the backbone of everyday operations in accounting and payroll business services. They certainly have their limitations, and are often used for tasks for which more specialized software are available, but the sheer flexibility, versatility and common knowledge of it warrants everyone’s attention.

At PS Excel Club, our mission is simple yet powerful: to raise awareness of Excel’s functions that can enhance everyday life. We believe that Excel is not just a tool for data analysis and business operations but a versatile platform that can help everyone in their daily routines. Our events aim to inspire and empower people by demonstrating what’s possible with Excel, even for those who consider themselves casual users.

Unleashing the Power of Excel

In our latest gatherings, we delved into two essential aspects of Excel that can significantly boost productivity: hotkeys and multiple-sheet operations. Hotkeys are keyboard shortcuts that can expedite various tasks, allowing users to work more efficiently. Multiple-sheet operations help users manage complex workbooks, turning Excel into a dynamic tool for complex projects.

Our professional Excel developers lead these events, sharing their expertise and practical tips on how to maximize Excel’s capabilities. By providing real-world examples and hands-on demonstrations, attendees gain a deeper understanding of how to leverage Excel in their personal and professional lives.

We are also careful to identify topics and tasks where utilizing other software is preferred, and recognizing the limitations of Excel as a tool. AI is certainly ground-breaking in creative writing and idea generation, but to quickly check a number in the P&L statement – provided of course, we have it in Excel in the first place – that will be the go-to, default solution.

Bi-Monthly Excel Empowerment

The PS Excel Club meets every other month, providing a consistent source of inspiration and education for Excel enthusiasts. Our bimonthly schedule ensures that attendees have enough time to practice and implement the skills they’ve learned between events.

Whether you’re a business professional looking to streamline your reports, a student aiming to excel in academics, or simply someone interested in making everyday tasks more efficient, Excel Club is the perfect platform to gain valuable insights.


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Our ultimate objective is to spread the wisdom and excitement about Excel on a much wider scale!

Stay tuned for updates and announcements about upcoming PS Excel Club events. Together, we’ll explore the world of Excel functions, exchange ideas, and empower one another to achieve excellence with this indispensable tool. Excel Club is not just about spreadsheets; it’s about enhancing the way we work and live.


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