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More than 80 of our colleagues have promoted as a result of the mid-year evaluations

The promotion ceremonies following the semi-annual individual evaluations are undoubtedly among the most important events in the life of the Process Solutions Group! Last week, in our Hungarian and Polish offices, our leaders were able to congratulate more than 80 of our colleagues on their step up to a higher position.




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In Budapest, we welcomed more than 60 colleagues to the ranks of the promoted, while in Warsaw, nearly 20 were greeted. These two figures also confirm the PS Group’s commitment to providing focused attention, opportunity, and resources to continuously support the personal and professional development of its employees, thus offering an opportunity for every step of the predictable and rapid building of their careers.


As András Szalai, the Managing Director of PS Hungary, articulated, “We know that the Team represents the primary value of PS, as our colleagues’ knowledge and experience are fundamental in winning our clients’ satisfaction with quality services, which has allowed PS to continuously occupy the market-leading position among Hungarian accounting service companies for 18 years, a status confirmed year after year by the rankings of the BBJ, most recently reinforced in the issue published on the day of the promotion ceremony.(*)

We are proud to have created a working environment at PS that provides the opportunity for our employees to continuously develop their knowledge and skills in accordance with 21st-century expectations. We believe that by doing so, the members of our Team become the most important resources and the assurance of our company’s successes. Of course, parallel to the continuous development of our employees, we also place a strong emphasis on the innovative development of our processes and services to meet the high expectations of our clients.


Promoted colleagues from PS Hungary:


More than 60 of our colleagues have promoted as a result of the mid-year evaluations in Hungary


Promoted colleagues from PS Poland:



Dear promoted Team Members!

Congratulations on your outstanding performance, and we wish you much success in the future as well! We trust that we can see you again soon at this ceremony when you take another step forward on your career path!


(*) Source: Budapest Business Journal, March 8 – March 21, 2024, page 19-22