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Loan staff as outsourced workforce services are gaining popularity

The business world is dynamically changing, and companies must adapt to challenges, especially true in the financial and accounting sectors. In this constantly changing business and technological environment, the flexible availability and efficient utilization of resources are increasingly appreciated. This is where accounting loan staff, or outsourced workforce services, come into play as a key element of business success.

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By the endof 2023, in Hungary, the use of loan staff workforce is becoming increasingly popular. Its success is based on the fact that the outsourced professionals are highly trained, possessing specialized expert knowledge, and performing tasks for which the client does not have sufficiently knowledgeable or numerous specialists. Moreover, the outsourcing service provider undertakes the selection, hiring, payroll, and training of the employees, so the client does not have to deal with these issues.


What is this business service?

Accounting loan staff is an innovative solution that allows companies to access high-level accounting expertise temporarily and quickly. External experts with experience in the field take over tasks such as accounting, preparation of financial reports and statements, tax return preparation and review, as well as general accounting advice, and can even manage payroll processes.

This service offers numerous benefits to companies, providing a flexible and time-saving solution when businesses need it most. In addition, the loan staff service not only aids in more efficiently carrying out accounting or payroll tasks but can also result in cost savings for companies. Employing outsourced professional labour can offer many advantages to the client, but it is important to choose the right service provider.

When should you consider using the loan staff service?

  • Seasonal or temporary increase in accounting burdens: Loan staff helps businesses maintain operational continuity during periods of high workload.
  • Filling missing expertise: If the company’s internal team lacks the required accounting expertise, loan staff provides the necessary knowledge to overcome temporary difficulties.
  • Successful completion of special projects: Unique accounting projects, such as company acquisitions or investments, can be excellently managed with expert loan staff services.
  • Quick replacement for fluctuations or long-term leaves: Fluctuations are known challenges for any business, but temporary resource shortages due to long-term illness or maternity leave can arise for months or years. During these times, employing workforce through loan staff can be particularly useful.

What are the main benefits of the accounting loan staff service?

  • Flexibility: This service can be perfectly tailored to requirements, as companies can use it precisely when and to the extent needed.
  • Access to expert knowledge: Outsourced professionals possess high-level accounting knowledge and the required level of experience.
  • Time savings: Loan staff allows businesses to save valuable time, which can be redirected towards their most important business activities.


The loan staff service can provide cost savings in several areas for businesses. For example, companies can completely avoid costs associated with the recruitment process, such as advertising and agency fees, and the selection process is significantly shorter than recruitment. Furthermore, the outsourced workforce already possesses the necessary expertise, requiring minimal training, resulting in significant time and cost savings compared to training one’s own workforce, making employee replacement more flexible and quicker.


Additional ease for clients is that labor, administrative, and long-term career development tasks related to outsourced employees remain with the service provider.


The “loan staff” offers several advantages for the outsourced professionals as well!

These include, among others, sometimes overlapping opportunities:

  • Faster professional development: Outsourced professionals have the opportunity to participate in various work environments and projects, thus broadening their professional knowledge and experience.
  • Diverse industry work experience: Outsourced professionals can work across various industries and projects, broadening their perspectives and adapting to continuously changing market demands.
  • New professional challenges with each client: New tasks at different workplaces present new challenges, thus providing opportunities for developing adaptation and problem-solving skills, which promotes professional development.
  • More flexible work arrangements: Working at client sites involves more flexible work hours and locations, which can help find a balance between work and personal life.


Thus, accounting loan staff is not just a new business service trend but a flexible and cost-effective solution for business challenges, ensuring the availability of required expertise and enhancing companies’ competitiveness. This makes the loan staff service a fundamental element for adapting to the challenges of the competitive environment.

Moreover, it is beneficial for the loaned professionals, making it an increasingly popular business service solution, especially in the fields of accounting and payroll.


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Of course, Process Solutions – as the market leader among accounting service providers in Hungary* – also offers loan staff services to its current and prospective Clients and invites professionals seeking challenges to join its team to provide these services.

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* According to BBJ Book of Lists November 2023 (PS is the market leader among accounting firms and the 3rd largest among payroll service providers.) and Budapest Business Journal, March 8–March 21, 2024