PS 20th Anniversary

Process Solutions celebrated 20th anniversary of its foundation

Process Solutions’ birthday party was held in the Castle Garden Bazaar, one of the most beautiful places in Budapest. It was an honour for us to celebrate together with the PS team, colleagues joining us from our regional offices and our clients and partners who all played important role in the success of PS’s past 20 years.




PS 20th anniversary of foundation

ános Babos, who was in at the birth of PS founded by Arthur Andersen Worldwide, and now is one of the owners and Managing Partners, said: “I would like to thank the members of PS’ management group, and even personally all of the PS’ colleagues for their persistent, committed and incredibly high-quality work for a total of 20 years. They have maximised the recognition, appreciation and loyalty of our clients who have also been accompanying PS’ life throughout these years. I would also like to give special thanks to “the entire Process Solutions”, we ourselves call PROCI, a fully supportive team not only in the work, but also in building and developing a strong and cohesive community even in a variety of leisure, sports, cultural initiatives and countless other activities as well. Thank you again!”


PS 20th anniversary


Andrew Majlath, one of the owners and Managing Partners of PS, said: “20 Years on from the start, I am not only proud how far PS has managed to grow and develop but also extremely proud of what PS represents today. Our “people development philosophy” is the engine that has enabled us to be become the leading accounting and payroll service provider we are today. No better occasion than our PS 20th Birthday to remember and recognise each and every one of the close to 2,000 colleagues who have contributed to building PS over these years. Thanks to each of you!! As we continue to travel fast towards Tomorrow’s World, it’s important that on our 20th Birthday we take a moment to reflect and celebrate the moment.”


“This evening is not only a reflection of the past 20 years, but also the beginning of our next successful 20 years” – András Szalai, Managing Partner of PS Hungary added.








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