PS Hungary Volunteering Day

Join us and let us help together

We have not lost our initial enthusiasm! PS Team held another volunteering day in January! We focused on cooking for the homeless and help disadvantaged children. Our team made over 150 sandwiches, 50 portions of hot meals and last but not least we painted the halls of a school and made them colorful, with the help of 60 volunteering colleagues.




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The success of the first voluntary day encouraged us to start the New Year with various charity programs. This time about 30 team members helped, by making sandwiches and Hungarian Chicken Paprikash. We made the 150 sandwiches ourselves with the help of Budapest Bike Maffia and took them to a nearby homeless shelter. In the afternoon, we cooked for 50 people with the Gastro Polis team. The prepared meals were delivered by a volunteer courier to another temporary accommodation.

The most popular program among our volunteers so far was painting for charity, which was organized with the help of the Smiling Hospital Foundation. The program had more than 30 applicants and many were waiting for any openings to participate in the program, which shows how much they wanted to do for a good cause with PS.


The painting took place at the Zrínyi Miklós Primary School, where disadvantaged children study. We were happy to take part and our team spent the whole afternoon decorating the school. We hope that students will love the new cheerful halls and corridors.


To watch the summary video about our second volunteering day click on the above picture or >>here


Join us and let’s help together!


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