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PS APPS revolutionizes AP processing: Introducing predefined, touchless accounting

Processing accounts payable invoices is a constant drain on accountants’ resources, so we’re always looking for solutions to streamline our work. That’s why we’re excited to introduce PS APPS (“Process Solutions –  Accounts Payable Processing Solution”), which combines traditional processes with modern technology for both efficiency and precision.




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Current automation solutions work well in robust three-way matching systems, but often struggle with general overhead costs. This issue is further compounded by the fact that many organizations don’t even use purchase orders (POs). To address these challenges, we have developed a touchless invoice processing solution that is based on predefined and pre-agreed information.


Groundbreaking tool that streamlines “End-to-End” Vendor Invoice processing

Unlike traditional methods that simply restructure activities to the beginning of the AP process, resulting in manual purchase orders setup instead of accounting, our approach offers true automation without relying on POs. Each occurrence only needs to be configured once, making the system fully scalable and requiring human intervention only for exceptions. Unlike systems based on statistical models, our solution achieves exceptional accuracy, making it cost-effective even with small invoice volumes (as low as 50-100 invoices).

The process is as simple as it is precise, providing a smooth and comfortable experience for our clients. Our system integrates modern optical character recognition with an exceptionally flexible invoice approval functionality, further complemented by automated accounting data enrichment and seamless error-free loading into the chosen ERP system.

This innovation in accounting doesn’t just solve current challenges, it sets a new direction for invoice processing. We provide unique accounting settings for our over 500 clients, ensuring our new approach caters to diverse needs.


Efficient implementation, rapid deployment

This solution outperforms market alternatives, as demonstrated by its success during a year-long internal prototype testing phase. Recognizing the growing demand for automation in accounting and bookkeeping, we aligned this complex application with client needs. Introducing it to our work and expanding services has not only improved our own operations but also met the needs of our outsourced accounting clients.

The implementation process promises quick and efficient deployment. With carefully developed procedures, approval and accounting functions can be fully implemented within a few weeks. Specially trained experts ensure continuous support, monitoring, and fine-tuning of system settings, guaranteeing a smooth and uninterrupted transition.

We’re actively seeking new clients with large volumes of AP invoices without POs who can benefit from the value and efficiency gains offered by PS APPS. For organizations seeking automated transformative solutions, our latest application might be the perfect fit. We now offer a limited Proof of Concept program, where we showcase the specific benefits of PS APPS in a customized operational environment.


PS APPS envisions a future of simplified and precise invoice management, where innovation meets practicality to provide businesses with a distinct competitive advantage.


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