PS Slovakia participated on international conference in Krakow: ”Äspire 4 All”

Oľga Gajarská represented Process Solutions at the Annual ASPIRE Conference organized on May 20th-21st in Kraków. Over two days participants explored the opportunities and challenges for the outsourcing sector in the region.




outsourcing, ASPIRE Conference

Aspire 4 All is an award-winning event that rewards people who have created an industry. In 2015 2000 people were invited to attend the event at the Auditorium of ICE – Krakows new centre for art and entertainment conferences. The theme of this year’s event was „How far can we go?”. This themes intention was to explore the past and present relation of Krakow with the rest of the world, how new opportunities are created by the local and global cultures interaction and what the future hold in this respect. Aspire 4 All 2015 entertained its guests by music, theatre performances and films from the polish scene. Furthermore, several inspirational speeches could be heard from world class speakers. After the presentations and performances all guests were welcome to stay for the Aspire 4 All party.