Quick news! Process Solutions Poland celebrates the opening of its new office in Lublin

We are happy to announce that we opened a new PS office in Lublin to support our clients with accounting and tax reporting, as well as HR and payroll services in Poland.




Process Solutions Poland, new branch office in Lublin

Backed by our own offices in the CEE region – in Czechia, Slovakia, Romania, Hungary and Poland –  and an extensive network of partner offices across the continent we are able to operate with scale and offer comprehensive geographical coverage across Europe.
Now our Polish headquarters is enjoying another success with the opening of a branch office in Lublin. The newly opened Process Solutions office is located in CZ Office Park at 27 Kraśnicka Street.


Invest of Lublin welcomed us to Lublin and keeps its fingers crossed for us.

Thank you for the trust in us!


More details to follow soon.

Stay tuned.


Tomasz Tąkiel

Krzysztof Buczyński,  




Our idea of opening a new office in Lublin was somewhat defined years ago, and that is when we’ve started our market research in the city. Unfortunately, our plans have been cut short by the global mayhem of the pandemic back in the beginning of 2020.

It was no time to plan an expansion, when there has been a massive concern that our portfolio of clients might decrease, and the entire world was at a standstill.

PS Lublin remained a fond idea for a long time, yet no more than that. As a location, it fit perfectly with our goals, and the employment opportunities there seemed favourable to say the least.

This being the case, we were not only exited, but more than ready to dive headfirst into the project when the topic has been brought up again – this time in the post-Covid reality.

Lublin is city in the east of Poland, with an estimated population of 350 000 residents. Known for its academic potential, Lublin remained high on our list of possible locations for a new PS office, with its plethora of various level specialists in the accounting field.

When the search for a perfect office space began, we didn’t really know what to expect. The rapid advancement of business opportunities in Lublin has not exactly gone hand in hand with the real estate boom that we’ve known from the Warsaw downtown, especially when it came to the serviced offices that we were looking for.

Eventually, somewhat content with the office space that was finally booked and rather stressed about a million details that could potentially go wrong, we set our deadline for the official opening for 12 September 2022.

This day was a culmination of the determined efforts of the management team, HR, administration and our specialists in the Warsaw office who made sure that the transition of Clients to the new office would be as smooth as possible. We are deeply grateful for all those who shared their advice, participated in the project and showed great enthusiasm at its completion.

We are aware that this is just the first chapter for PS Lublin and we can’t wait to further cooperate with our colleagues in their future endeavours.