Extention of related party reporting in Czechia

On 28 November 2014, the Financial Administration issued an official wording of the Appendix to the Tax Return entitled “Summary of Related Party Transactions“ which will be completed by the companies upon submitting the tax return for 2014.

The liable persons will be those companies that will meet at least one of the criteria constituting the obligation of statutory audit (total assets of more than 40 mil. CZK, annual net turnover of more than 80 mil. CZK, average number of employees over 50), and which, at the same time, participated in a cross-border transaction with a related party or the companies that incurred a loss or benefited from an investment incentive in the form of tax relief while also performing domestic transactions with a related party.


The Summary of Related Party Transactions is completed for each related person separately.  The number of the completed appendices will thus be equal to the number of the companies with which the payer performed intra-group transactions in the relevant fiscal year.


Transactions to be disclosed:

  1. Total volume of sales and purchase of Long-term intangible assets, Long-term tangible assets, Long-term financial assets, Stock of materials, products and goods
  2. Total volume of sales and purchase of Services, License fees (including software), Interests, Total volume of other transaction
  3. Other information such as:
  • Financial credit instruments – total amount of received  and rendered financial credit instruments, from which interests were charged
  • Shares of profit – total amount of received or paid profit share
  • Other parts of equity – total amount of increase or decrease of other parts of equity
  • Confirmation about providing gratuitous performance
  • Confirmation about receiving gratuitous performance
  • Confirmation about using of cash-pooling