VAT control statement in Czech Republic

Based on an amendment of VAT Act effective from 1st January 2016 new mandatory report VAT control statement has to be filed. The report is specifically dealt with in Arts 101c to 101i of the VAT Act (No. 235/2004 Col. as amended).

Who is required filing VAT control statement?

  • VAT payers declaring the output tax (rows 1-13 of VAT return form);
  • VAT payers declaring local reverse charge rule output tax (row 25 of VAT return form);
  • VAT payers claiming input VAT deduction (row 40-41 of VAT return form).

Frequency of submitting of VAT control statement for legal entities

Every month as at 25th of the month following the reported period. Frequency of VAT return submission has no impact in this case.
Supplementary VAT control statement submission is required in case of necessity to correct incorrectly reported data; term of submitting is within 5 business days since the error occurrence was found.

Method of submitting

VAT control statement shall be submitted only electronically. Final layout of the form will be announced by Ministry of Finance during 2015. Preliminary form is available at



If the VAT control statement is not submitted to Financial Authority in given format and term,
the mandatory infringement fine in the amount from 1.000 to 500.000 CZK takes place.

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