Accounting and Tax

Companies with foresight acknowledge it is extremely difficult to make it alone as tasks in bookkeeping and taxation are both labour intensive and demand a high level of skill or specialization. We provide a full range of comprehensive accounting and tax services spanning across the whole life cycle of an entity from start-up to liquidation.  Depending on your choice, our involvement can vary from as limited as providing temporary support to your internal finance department to the complete takeover of your accounting.  Either way, our focus remains the same – to allow you to concentrate on your core activities and to support you in realizing your business goals by providing effective value added services.



Accounting and tax compliance

There is so much more to accounting than debit & credit. Bookkeeping at its most basic ensures that your business transactions are recorded, processed and that your accounts are presented in compliance with local standards, while your tax liabilities are correctly calculated  and duly filed. In addition to being able to meet the obvious compliance obligations, a proficient accounting system should also be able to measure and communicate economic information related to your business to enhance decision-making confidence. With a skilled and agile team at your disposal, which is backed by a vast array of industry knowledge we accumulated through the day to day interaction with our clients’ operations, you will have a range of perspectives on any situation and you can rely on receiving practical advise concerning any issue you might encounter along the way.


Based on the accounting data processed, we prepare management reports that are fully customized to suit your strategic guidelines and are issued to suit your timescales.


Statutory compliance

Compliance with local regulations can pose a real challenge to local subsidiaries when their accounts are maintained in a centralized ERP configured to serve the primary business environment of the parent entity or administrated in a shared service center. Relying on accounting data processed by the client, we make sure that your statements are fairly presented in accordance with local standards, and your taxes are filed in compliance with local timings and documentation requirements.


Loan staff

One of the challenges of keeping accounting in house is how easily you can find yourself in a position when you are understaffed.

Fluctuation in accounting workload, e. g. in peak periods, due to unexpected events, such as a sudden leave, and short term ad hoc arrangements, such as software implementation or business transformation, can quickly absorb the capacity of existing accounting headcount. Whether you have a seasonal hiring need that calls upon a specialized skill-set, or require reinforcement during an employee’s absence, we can quickly provide you with the talents you need to keep business moving forward. From the transactional accountant to the CFO, our candidates will be selected from the pool of our own trusted professionals with a proven track record of success.


Start-up support

Though the procedure of setting up a new a business is relatively straightforward, the number of tasks and parties involved is considerable, making the process a minefield where one misstep can cause a lot of inconveniences. We have the experience and the connections to liaise for you as a one stop shop, guiding you through the bureaucracy, saving you a lot of time and effort, but this is not where we contribute the most. Instead of just simply rushing you through the paperwork, we take a step back and start the process by understanding your business in an effort to have a tax and accounting setup which exactly corresponds to your needs. Our services include:

  • assistance in the establishment of a legal entity;
  • registration with the local tax and statistical office;
  • preparation of statutory accounting and internal policies, documents and forms, expense claims, time sheets, HR and payroll related templates;
  • availability of ERP system at hand.


Wind-up and liquidation support

What could possibly be simpler than abandoning your activities and closing up shop? Easy as it may seem, ending your business is ridden with its own pitfalls – very much like starting it. If the process is not managed effectively it tends to drag on forever especially if several stakeholders with different responsibilities and conflicting interests are involved. Acting as your liquidator we can coordinate all parties to keep the process on track and on a tight schedule guaranteeing a convenient wind up, saving you from expenses that you would otherwise incur. In addition, we can also be a second set of eyes on your bookkeeping and tax filings – if they are not handled by us – to ensure that the risks typically associated with liquidation are duly addressed / mitigated.


SSC support

The ever changing environment and the need to forge a competitive edge in the market means that all companies must continuously work smarter just to stand still. Developments in work practices together with advances in technology have enabled companies to better organise and align their non-core internal processes. Many corporations realise further efficiencies by relocating part of their internal administrative processing and support functions into a small number of centralized locations, often to just one single location i.e. the Shared Service Centre “SSC”.
Although often regarded as an alternative to outsourcing captive SSCs have gradually become one of the biggest buyers of outsourced services themselves.
We pride ourselves of having a long standing and strong connection to many SSCs in the region and possess the know-how and manpower required to continue to deliver unique solutions fitting their special needs. Our services allow quick access on short notice to additional resources and expertise at any stage of their life cycle to tackle the bottlenecks hampering their performance in a number of areas – an asset, which can make all the difference to serve as the source of business intelligence to their organisations.

Our services include:

  • Process mapping and migration support
  • Start-up support
  • Loan staff – General
  • Loan staff – Specialist
  • Statutory compliance
  • Help desk
  • Training
  • Operation of mini or virtual SSC
  • Basic accounting services for “complex” countries

Outsourcing solutions for an airline company

As a new airline our Client was looking for an outsourcing partner to support them right from the beginning with all accounting matters a new company with complex operations can expect. PS was engaged not just to design, set-up but also to assist in operating and continuously improving...

SSC support for a mobile communication company

As various functions from lots of countries were in the process of migrating into the SSC our Client was looking for ongoing support of additional resources from PS. We had to provide qualified and trained temporary replacement who after a minimal transition period was able to take over the necessary tasks and ensure...

Accounting and reporting process improvement

Despite using tailor made solutions, Client was struggling with his accounting and reporting systems which were working unreliably and were unable to satisfy complex management information needs.

Accounting for leasing companies

For leasing companies of a financial institutions we had to take over the comprehensive accounting and taxation services of the property sub-group (52 entities). Client expectations were to meet tight deadlines and complex reporting requirements based on bookkeeping to be continued in their special accounting system.

Due diligence support for a media company

PS was assigned to carry out a due diligence before an acquisition deal among two significant players within the industry. Our Client was expecting a report on compliance with accounting and tax regulations as well as support in analysis future cash flow projections to validate income and expenditure assumptions...

Fast clean-up for a real estate company

The accounting books of the Client were in a mess, account balances were unreconciled and they were also late with tax return filings. We were asked for immediate support as they were preparing the Company for sale.

Payroll services in state and government sector

After winning the contract, PS had the opportunity to provide payroll and cafeteria administration services for a client in the governmental sector. The transition period was challenging, as less than 2 months were left to take the client over from the previous service provider and to set-up the new payroll system and cafeteria processes.

Process improvement at a global media company

Our Client had diverse solutions and systems for finance accounting and management reporting functions. They were looking for less manual processes, recommendations for automation opportunities and strengthened internal controls.

Consolidated financial statements

Our Client is an active investor on the real estate market. In addition to ongoing accounting services PS was assigned to provide consolidated financial statements for the Stock Exchange and assist in the statutory audit twice a year by adhering to strict internal deadlines.