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Amendment to the Czech Labour Code with effect 2023-2024

25-05-2023 Payroll Czech Republic

SME INFO CZ Nr.2023-03: EU Directive 2019/1152, which is being implemented by
the currently prepared amendment to the Czech Labour Code, seeks transparent and predictable conditions and work-life balance for EU employees. Czech government approved the amendment on 5.4.2023.

Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) in Hungary – SME INFO Nr.2023-01-HU

05-04-2023 Tax Hungary

The Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) is a new concept based on an EU directive that re-thinks the waste management duties. The current summary is based on the 80/2023 Government Decree on Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR Decree) which was released on 14 March 2023. Our aim is to provide the information published in this decree in an understandable manner. We encourage all stakeholders to fully analyse the main processes of their economic activity as soon as possible, to determine the extent to which circular products covered by EPR play a role in it, and accordingly to develop an action plan to implement the necessary processes.

Legislative change in Czechia – Social insurance payment discount for employer

02-02-2023 Payroll Czech Republic

SME INFO CZ Nr.2023-02:  This legislative change – came into effect on 1 February 2023 –  is intended to motivate employers to employ disadvantaged groups of employees, and to provide these employees with more opportunities to work employment with shortened weekly hours. However, there are multiple conditions and administrative details to work out for each case, so most of the experts do not see this change in a positive light.

Legislative changes affecting payroll processing since the start of year 2023 in Czechia

26-01-2023 Payroll Czech Republic

SME INFO CZ Nr.2023-01 – Legislative changes affecting payroll that are valid for payroll processing in year 2023 are presented below. Included are parametrical changes but also for example changes to the calculation of wage garnishments or to the periodic occupational health assessments.

Payroll changes in Poland – SME Info PL Nr.2023-1

06-01-2023 Tax Poland

SME Info Poland Nr.2023-1 — In this newsletter we will outline the most important payroll changes and indicators for 2023 in Poland.


30-12-2022 Payroll Hungary

This publication presents the major tax and Labor Code changes effecting payroll from 2023 in Hungary.  The amendments are intended to achieve uniform and coherent application of the law as well as compliance with EU legislations and harmonisation obligations.  We also highlight other legislative changes we consider important from the Autumn 2022 tax package that may have an impact on payroll. And we also review the most important legislative changes we received „after closing”