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Autumn tax package 2022 – Changes to tax and accounting laws in Hungary – SME INFO Nr.2022-05-HU

30-11-2022 Tax Hungary

This publication – presenting the changes we think are rel­evant for our clients – is a general guide to the account­ing and tax law changes that will most affect accountants.


Local business tax (HIPA) payment facility in EUR and USD — SME INFO Nr.2022-04 HU

03-10-2022 Tax Hungary

In the SME INFO of 15 August 2022, we reported that taxpayers can pay corporate tax in euros and US dollars. Recently, the Government Decree No 366/2022 has been adopted, and also allows the payment of local business tax and its advance payments in euros and US dollars, in addition to the forint.

Corporate tax payment option in EUR or USD in Hungary — SME INFO Nr.2022-03 HU

15-08-2022 Tax Hungary

According to the 134th Hungarian Gazette which was published on 9 August, taxpayers based on their choices, can pay the CIT and its advances in euros or US dollars in addition to forints. The first year for which they can make the choice to pay CIT in USD or EUR is the tax year starting after 30 September 2022.

Summer Tax Package and Changes of Extra Profit Taxes — July 2022, Hungary – SME INFO Nr.2022-02 HU

04-08-2022 Tax Hungary

In this newsletter we will cover more topics. First, several tax laws were amended at the same time when the 2023 budget was adopted. We take a look at them, highlighting the changes we consider important. On the other hand, in SME INFO 2022-01, we provided information on the Government Decree 197/2022 (4.VI) on extra profit taxes. This Government Decree has been amended on some points by Government Decree 257/2022 (VII.18). Here we also summarise the most important changes and clarifications (both in English and Hungarian).

Legislative changes affecting payroll processing in the first half of 2022 – PS SME Info Czechia Nr.2022-02

15-07-2022 Payroll Czech Republic

Legislative changes affecting payroll processing that were implemented in the first half of 2022 are presented below. Included are those related to situation in Ukraine, relating to e-mobility, as well as changes to the parameters for determining the non-collectible minimum when calculating payroll deductions.

Extra profit taxes in Hungary – SME INFO HU Nr.2022-01

21-06-2022 Tax Hungary

In order to make up for the budget deficit and to maintain the reduction in utility costs, the Government has imposed special taxes in several areas, which are laid down in Government Decree 197/2022 (4.VI) on Extra Profit Taxes. The changes we consider important are presented in detail, the others are only mentioned.