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Focusing on the individual needs of our clients, we are committed to delivering trustworthy solutions of the highest standard for any accounting problem imaginable. Our preference for a proactive approach and our ability to be part of the long term business success of our clients distinguishes us from competitors.

Maintaining high professional standards

We bring the highest professional standards to the table. We provide our clients with the finest performance through the assignment of a suitably qualified team, developed with regular trainings and equipped with the best technology to enable them to maximize their abilities.

With a flexible approach

We offer a diverse range of comprehensive services further customizable to address your unique and individual needs. We work closely with our clients to ensure that we completely understand their expectations and tailor our services to suit their specific business requirements.

In partnership with our clients

Our clients can be sure that their best interests are always our top priority. We are committed to building long-term client relations firm in the belief that a seamless and trusting association fosters efficiency and productivity on both ends. That's why we place emphasis on building trust and aim to deliver dependable solutions with total transparency.
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Our Success Stories

Our client base is wide and varied consisting mostly of international companies. Backed by our own offices in the CE region and an extensive network of partner offices across the continent we are able to operate with scale and offer comprehensive geographical coverage across Europe. With clients from a numerous industries with our comprehensive service offering supporting any complexity of needs. Our short case studies show you how we have helped our clients overcome their challenges.

Outsourcing solutions for an airline company

As a new airline our Client was looking for an outsourcing partner to support them right from the beginning with all accounting matters a new company with complex operations can expect. PS was engaged not just to design, set-up but also to assist in operating and continuously improving...

SSC support for a mobile communication company

As various functions from lots of countries were in the process of migrating into the SSC our Client was looking for ongoing support of additional resources from PS. We had to provide qualified and trained temporary replacement who after a minimal transition period was able to take over the necessary tasks and ensure...

Accounting and reporting process improvement

Despite using tailor made solutions, Client was struggling with his accounting and reporting systems which were working unreliably and were unable to satisfy complex management information needs.

Accounting for leasing companies

For leasing companies of a financial institutions we had to take over the comprehensive accounting and taxation services of the property sub-group (52 entities). Client expectations were to meet tight deadlines and complex reporting requirements based on bookkeeping to be continued in their special accounting system.

Due diligence support for a media company

PS was assigned to carry out a due diligence before an acquisition deal among two significant players within the industry. Our Client was expecting a report on compliance with accounting and tax regulations as well as support in analysis future cash flow projections to validate income and expenditure assumptions...

Fast clean-up for a real estate company

The accounting books of the Client were in a mess, account balances were unreconciled and they were also late with tax return filings. We were asked for immediate support as they were preparing the Company for sale.

Payroll services in state and government sector

After winning the contract, PS had the opportunity to provide payroll and cafeteria administration services for a client in the governmental sector. The transition period was challenging, as less than 2 months were left to take the client over from the previous service provider and to set-up the new payroll system and cafeteria processes.

Process improvement at a global media company

Our Client had diverse solutions and systems for finance accounting and management reporting functions. They were looking for less manual processes, recommendations for automation opportunities and strengthened internal controls.

  • Orocess Solutions' citations from satisfied clients

    Our Clients’ words

    “I have a lot of respect for PS. Your customer service has been absolutely excellent and coming from a professional practice background.”

  • Orocess Solutions' citations from satisfied clients

    Our Clients’ words

    “I am very satisfied about the smooth handling of our tax inspection matters with minimum of communication, which apparently was high quality.”

  • Orocess Solutions' citations from satisfied clients

    Our Clients’ words

    “I am extremely satisfied with account management from top and from middle and same also true for operative management, a really balanced, great service all around,”

  • Orocess Solutions' citations from satisfied clients

    Our Clients’ words

    “"Your employees are reliable, they are all very responsive, helpful and solve problems with a smile. It's not very common these days. Thank you for everything!"”

  • Orocess Solutions' citations from satisfied clients

    Our Clients’ words

    “I would highly recommend Process Solutions as they have contributed great value to our business.”

  • Orocess Solutions' citations from satisfied clients

    Our Clients’ words

    “Quick and clear feedback on issues raised, smooth and professional cooperation, responsiveness.”

  • Orocess Solutions' citations from satisfied clients

    Our Clients’ words

    “I was delighted by the pro-active service I received from Process Solutions. I have never experienced such a professional customer service and the staff are very helpful and easy to deal with.”

Our team

Tomáš Frkal, LL.M.


Tomáš joined Process Solutions in 2008 to open the Czech subsidiary. Since then the office in Prague became an important accounting and payroll service provider on the Czech market. Tomáš co-founded Czech industry association ABSL and was a member of its Board of Directors. Tomáš gained diverse industry experience in tax consultancy and large utility companies.
Tomáš Frkal, LL.M.
János Babos Process Solutions Group
András Szalai, Managing Partner, Process Solutions Hungary
Andrej Bajusz Process Solutions Slovakia
Ferenc Gábor
Andrew Majlath
Tomasz Takiel, Process Solutions Poland

At PS we believe in working as a team to provide solutions for your business - a team including you and your staff to begin with. As for our part, we know that our success hinges on the quality of our people. The different backgrounds and versatile skills of our professionals adds up to a pool of competence which enables us to overcome any obstacles along the way. For every assignment we mobilize a team of experts with the appropriate field experience to ensure the desired guarantee top quality professional services.


We defended our cup winning position at the BSC Charity Beach Volleyball Championship

In 2024, the regional BSC Charity Beach Volleyball Championship Series will be held for the 3rd time, which awaits teams from business service centers. In Hungary, BSC teams played for victory on Lupa Island on June 6, 2024.


PS APPS revolutionizes AP processing: Introducing predefined, touchless accounting

We are excited to introduce our new invoice processing solution, PS APPS, which combines traditional processes with modern technology for both efficiency and precision.


Digital revolution: We launch touchless accounting and digital transformation services

PS’ management emphasizes that recognizing the challenges of the digital age and offering revolutionary solutions for digital transformation are central to our modern vision. All elements of our comprehensive suite of digital transformation services are being designed to enhance efficiency and inspire continuous innovation. — An interview