Payroll operations – ABSL Conference 2015, Prague

Transforming outsourced payroll operations, adapting to market trends and new customer expectations

Attendees of 3rd Annual ABSL conference in Prague had the opportunity to hear directly from PS Group owner Janos Babos about the latest trends in payroll outsourcing during his presentation: Journey from 100’s to 1.000’s payslips.



Czech Republic

payroll, outsourcing

Janos explained best practices and client benefits required from external payroll providers nowadays compared with times 10 or 15 years ago. Following benefits of up-to-date outsourced payroll operations are available to all employers with over 1.000 employees


  • Cost effective
  • No capital investment required
  • No cost for providing high-level and up-to-date knowledge and experience on the functions of payroll, social security and income tax
  • Most of the risks of operation of payroll function are at the service provider
  • No local client staff required
  • „Best on the market” solutions are available
  • Gaining „operational excellence”