Tomasz Tąkiel, Partner and Managing Director of PS Poland,

Process Solutions Poland – Our first 15 years

Tomasz Tąkiel, the Partner and Managing Director of PS Poland, shares his experiences on PS launch and 15-year history of the Polish branch.




Process Solutions Poland

“LinkedIn has hinted to me that it has been 15 years since I’ve started my cooperation with Process Solutions. It sort of seems like the perfect moment for a recap and a short reflection on how the time went by.
It’s been a long road, but my beginnings at PS were, after all, also the first months of the company’ launch in Poland.

We have started building our client base in a small office space that we rented in the Orco Tower. We were drawing on, among other things, the relationships developed by our colleagues in Hungary and other countries.


Xmas tree decoration, December 2010


Pizza Day, December 2010


The client portfolio, small at first, grew year by year. The scope of my responsibilities seemed to grow along with it, and we had to seriously rethink the solutions we used to keep up with the growth imposed on us by the high demands of our clients – it was meeting their expectations that has always been particularly important to us. So, I divided my time between establishing and maintaining contacts with clients, consulting on ad hoc problems, attending conferences, recruitment meetings and a fair amount of operational duties. It was a very intense moment of development and a real challenge not only for me, but also for the whole company.


Regional Management Meeting, Budapest, PS HQ, November 2014


And before we knew it, there were already 60 people sitting at the table at the annual Christmas meeting. The sense of responsibility for such a group of people grows dramatically, but also on par with the number of clients who count on our support and maintaining a high level of service. Operationally, there have also been more challenges, including another move – this time to an office building in Warsaw at Grzybowska, where PS is still headquartered to this day.


Christmas team meeting, December 2021


That 2020 would bring could not have been predicted by any of us. The pandemic put into question all the development plans we were about to implement. At that time, as a managing director of the Polish company, I was working with the management teams of the other PS offices in Europe more closely than ever before. The significance of the decisions made at that time had a real impact on the future of the organization we were building, and we had to take into account a myriad of different scenarios that could affect the economy both globally and locally.

It was a time of great uncertainty. Our clients needed our support more than ever. Everything was turned upside down – operating a business as well. In retrospect, I can already say that Process Solutions came out of this turmoil not only unscathed, but stronger than ever.
For me personally, it was a very intense time, which taught me perseverance, but also a time to accept that many elements of our reality ultimately do not depend on ourselves.

Fortunately, on a daily basis I have the great privilege of working with PS PL managers, who are a tremendous support in building the future of our company. Without their valuable insights and experience, we would not be able to carry out Process Solutions’ activities and maintain such an encouraging growth trend (huge thanks to all managers).

Maintaining the development trend, despite the pandemic, allowed us to finally open a new office, located in Lublin.


Opening the new office in Lublin, September 2022


This day was a culmination of the determined efforts of the management, HR, administration team and our specialists in the Warsaw office who made sure that the transition of Clients to the new office would be as smooth as possible. I am deeply grateful for all those who shared their advice, participated in the project and showed great enthusiasm at its completion.”


Opening photo: Marcin Krokowski