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Questions that must certainly be answered in order to survive an economic and health crisis

Based on the experience of the first half year of the COVID-19 crisis, the main challenges facing us as a market leader in the business services sector have been identified and during the period, we were responding them we have gained serious experience that we believe is worth sharing.




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Without the need for completeness and prioritization, the following areas are certainly worth monitoring if a company has set the objective of “least pain survival.” These are those where issues need to be resolved as soon as possible, whether it is about client services or human resources management:

  • The effectiveness of the decision-making and risk management processes
  • Digitalizing business (front office) processes and in connection with that establishing the paperless office
  • Transformation of work and process organization
  • The use of “home office” as an employment solution and the many issues arising from it, both in terms of employees’ and employers’ aspects, including the state of legislation
  • Rethinking the digitalization and supportive role of back office functions to adapt to changed circumstances, including in particular the transformation of HR processes
  • IT, data, and information security enhancements that serve these areas
  • Making the office environment safer from an epidemiological point of view, in particular with regard to the protection of staff and business partners
  • Identify and exploit new business opportunities in a changed environment


When these topics are being developed, we will touch all the issues and dilemmas that may arise in the B2NN planning, whether mentioned in the press or coming from our own tried and tested experience and opinion.

We will strive to take into account the aspects of all the major players of the “Evolution experiment never tried yet by anyone so far.”



We launched our COVID-19 blog series to share our experience gained so far during the COVID crisis and our views on business changes in the world.

We are confident that this will help our readers to get beyond the crisis with the least possible loss and to get straight ahead as soon as possible, strengthened.


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