Fund-raiser by our Polish Team for Social Welfare Home in Żyrardów

This year a lot of people unfortunately will not be able to spend Christmas with their loved ones. This special time which usually brings the feeling of togetherness and family warmth might be especially difficult for elderly people. The PS team wished to make the holidays a little bit more enjoyable for those in need. Having brainstormed a few ideas, we decided to contact the Social Welfare Home in Żyrardów to ask how we could help its residents.

Process Solutions Poland fund raising




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This initiative has resulted in a fund-raiser among our employees. For each PLN 1 offered by the employee, Process Solutions undertook to donate additional PLN 2, which would be used to purchase the necessary goods and hygiene products. We must admit that our employees’ involvement in the fund-raiser has greatly exceeded our expectations – we managed to collect PLN 13 140 . This impressive sum was used to purchase masks and protective suites, pulse oximeters and much needed groceries.


We wish to take this opportunity to thank all of the fund-raiser participants. It is your amazing kindness and generosity in helping the Social Welfare Home in Żyrardów that brought back the team work spirit to PS, despite us not being in the office together. We showed that we can stand together in these difficult times.