Semi Senior


What was your motivation for your application to PS?

During my university years I deemed it important to reinforce the theoretical knowledge obtained there also in practice. Primarily this was my objective when I was inspired by the positive experience of my friends to send my application to PS.

What duties do you have?

During my internship period my primary duties were assisting in daily book-keeping tasks and preparation of minor reports. As I was promoting to higher level, I encountered increasingly complex tasks. Currently my team performs the complete book-keeping of a smaller enterprise. This work – as experienced assistant – encompasses diverse tasks beyond book-keeping too, such as liaison with customers and their partners, invoicing; preparation of monthly and quarterly reports, various tax returns and annual report. Accordingly, performance of my job absolutely requires in-depth knowledge of the customer’s business processes and their interrelations.

What is a challenge for you?

For me challenge means primarily tasks where I do not have major experience with the steps to reach the successful solution, i.e. require analytical skills, independent thinking and creativity.

What kind of support and training did you receive that contributed to a great extent to the success that you achieved at PS?

When I joined the company I immediately received as “joiner package”, the training sessions needed for daily work (accounting and taxation training, use of book-keeping software, preparation of tables and statements). In addition to these training sessions I gained much knowledge thanks to the support that I received from my colleagues. Practically every day you receive new tips, guidance for the tasks to be performed.

What is success for you?

Success means when the work and efforts produce result. For me it means that I can feel satisfied because I am doing what I like and I have the opportunity for self-realisation.

Experienced Payroll Administrator

What I value most about working at PS is the people and the teamwork that we create. You can honestly say we support each other in daily tasks and cases, share our knowledge and experience, always try to help each other, and play to one goal.

Senior Accountant

"PS was recommended to me by a professional with a remarkable accounting/finance background as a great company to work for."

Accountant Assistant

During the university years many of my friends started to work as intern with PS. All said that it is a fine workplace with much opportunity for professional development.

Semi Senior

When I approached the end of my college studies I spent my practice semester with PS, since then I work here.

Experienced Assistant

"Setting a goal and pursueing it successfully is not only a challenge, but also a marvellous opportunity for growth and personal fulfilment."

Semi Senior

During my university years I deemed it important to reinforce the theoretical knowledge obtained there also in practice.

Experienced Senior

When I first learnt about PS, I was looking for an internship program. I really liked the idea of working as a part-time intern while I was still a college student.

Senior Accountant

"During my work at PS, I experienced such successes that gave me satisfaction and provided personal and professional development."

Semi-Senior Accountant

I try my best to observe how each assistant or accountant performs their tasks, so that their accounting and tax knowledge can be constantly expanded and there’s not too much of routine in their daily work.

Experienced Accountant Assistant

I heard about PS from an earlier group mate who had been working with them for some time and said that it was a good place and I should send my application to them.

Senior Manager

"I have received a lot of support from my colleagues during the years and, without a doubt, I gained most of my professional knowledge from them."


"I always believe that seeking new solutions, innovation and development in each aspect of my life is a challenge."


“To me success is when people who work with me feel well, clients are satisfied or we have managed to get a bigger client or an internal project.”


After the second year at the university when I was looking for a place for my mandatory four-week summer practice I chose PS.

Accountant Assistant

I was looking primarily for a place for my practice in the professional semester when I first met PS at the HVG job exchange, then I was admitted to the company.