Senior Accountant






What motivated you to apply to Process Solutions?

What motivated me the most was the desire for new challenges. Sometimes we need a change and experience something new and fresh. Previously I worked at large, well-known international companies providing accounting services. I knew the experience gained will allow me to quickly adapt to a new location. I felt that this is a great place to advance and improve my skills, have great challenges to add to my resume, and that it will also allow me to grow as a professional.


What tasks do you have as a Senior Accountant?

When it comes to activities related strictly to accounting, I verify, allocate, post and reconcile transactions, produce accounting reports and analyse financial information.

My task is also to plan, assign and review the work of younger team members. I support the end-of-the-month and end-of-the-year close processes, produce management reports and prepare financial statements. My tasks also include providing technical support to our customers and providing advice, opinions and explanations concerning their tax obligations. In the case of foreign clients, it is also my responsibility to review their accounting systems and procedures to ensure compliance with Polish regulations, and, if necessary, to recommend changes.


What do you consider as a challenge?

The challenge is certainly keeping up to date with changes in legislation. This is very important in the work of every accountant. But the thing that I have always treated as a challenge in my job is to set up a new client, especially one who is just starting its activity in Poland. It is always an opportunity to create something from scratch and the end of the whole process gives great satisfaction. A challenge is also working with the client, because in my job, it is not only my expectations I have in mind, but also the expectations of others towards me.


What kind of support and training did you get that helped you to be such a successful employee of PS?

Certainly the most valuable is the help of my team-mates who are very open and willing to share their experience and knowledge. I am very happy that I can work with such fantastic people, among whom there is no place for competition and cooperation is the basis of all relations.


What do you consider as a success?

To me, success is when I am performing well and satisfied with my position, knowing that my work is adding value to my company but also to the clients and my overall life. Success means the achievement of a challenging and measurable goal that I have set for myself or that has been delegated to me. During my work at PS, I experienced such successes that gave me satisfaction and provided personal and professional development.

Experienced Payroll Administrator

What I value most about working at PS is the people and the teamwork that we create. You can honestly say we support each other in daily tasks and cases, share our knowledge and experience, always try to help each other, and play to one goal.

Senior Accountant

"PS was recommended to me by a professional with a remarkable accounting/finance background as a great company to work for."

Accountant Assistant

During the university years many of my friends started to work as intern with PS. All said that it is a fine workplace with much opportunity for professional development.

Semi Senior

When I approached the end of my college studies I spent my practice semester with PS, since then I work here.

Experienced Assistant

"Setting a goal and pursueing it successfully is not only a challenge, but also a marvellous opportunity for growth and personal fulfilment."

Semi Senior

During my university years I deemed it important to reinforce the theoretical knowledge obtained there also in practice.

Experienced Senior

When I first learnt about PS, I was looking for an internship program. I really liked the idea of working as a part-time intern while I was still a college student.

Senior Accountant

"During my work at PS, I experienced such successes that gave me satisfaction and provided personal and professional development."

Semi-Senior Accountant

I try my best to observe how each assistant or accountant performs their tasks, so that their accounting and tax knowledge can be constantly expanded and there’s not too much of routine in their daily work.

Experienced Accountant Assistant

I heard about PS from an earlier group mate who had been working with them for some time and said that it was a good place and I should send my application to them.

Senior Manager

"I have received a lot of support from my colleagues during the years and, without a doubt, I gained most of my professional knowledge from them."


"I always believe that seeking new solutions, innovation and development in each aspect of my life is a challenge."


“To me success is when people who work with me feel well, clients are satisfied or we have managed to get a bigger client or an internal project.”


After the second year at the university when I was looking for a place for my mandatory four-week summer practice I chose PS.

Accountant Assistant

I was looking primarily for a place for my practice in the professional semester when I first met PS at the HVG job exchange, then I was admitted to the company.