Digital transformation

Process Optimization and Automation

Process Optimization and Automation Advisory Services focus on a setting up sustainable continuous improvement processes or provide a series of quick interventions to enhance the efficiency, effectiveness, and agility of an organization’s processes, through the application of best practices and technology-driven solutions. These services are designed to streamline operations, reduce costs, and enhance the overall performance of a business with a series of short term, low risk, preferably high reward actions.

Nearly every modern company uses Microsoft Excel or similar spreadsheet editors – our team of experts have immense experience in assessing, untangling, developing and supporting the spreadsheet jungle. In our experience, there are practically endless short-term benefits to reap, wherever we look.

In a more comprehensive approach, several modern automation technologies may be utilized in order to maximize transformation value, such as Microsoft Power Automate or other RPA solutions. Even further, our approach to continuous improvement is clear: it should be a self-sustaining, ever-evolving process that generates ideas as well as provides means to execute small-scale automations, and provide real, tangible business value through a series of small improvements.


  • Process Optimization: This refers to the practice of analysing and improving current business processes to eliminate inefficiencies, reduce waste, and align processes with organizational goals.
  • Automation: Automation involves the use of technology, such as Excel programming (VBA) or robotic process automation (RPA), to carry out tasks without human intervention, further streamlining processes and reducing errors.
  • Advisory Services: These are specialized consulting services that provide insights, guidance, and support in the process optimization and automation journey.


The primary objectives of Process Optimization and Automation Advisory Services include:

  • Enhancing Efficiency: Improving the speed and accuracy of processes, thus reducing the time and resources required to complete tasks.
  • Reducing Costs: Minimizing operational expenses through streamlined processes and the elimination of redundant activities.
  • Improving Quality: Ensuring consistent and high-quality outputs through standardized processes and automation.
  • Fostering Agility: Enabling the organization to respond more quickly to changes in the market or business environment.
  • Driving Innovation: Creating opportunities for innovation by freeing up resources and focusing on value-added activities.


The specific tasks involved in these services may include:

  • Process Analysis and Mapping: Understanding and documenting the current state of processes to identify areas for improvement.
  • Gap Identification: Finding inefficiencies, bottlenecks, or inconsistencies that can be addressed through optimization or automation.
  • Solution Design: Developing tailored optimization and automation strategies that align with the organization’s goals and requirements.
  • Technology Selection: Assisting in the selection of appropriate technologies and tools for automation.
  • Implementation Support: Guiding the implementation of optimization and automation solutions, including change management and training.
  • Continuous Improvement: Monitoring and evaluating the impact of changes, and providing ongoing support for continuous improvement.
  • Compliance and Risk Management: Ensuring that optimized and automated processes comply with regulatory requirements and do not introduce new risks.

Customer Benefits

The benefits that customers can derive from Process Optimization and Automation Advisory Services are significant:

  • Operational Excellence: Achieving smoother, faster, and more accurate processes that enhance overall performance.
  • Cost Reduction: Minimizing operational expenses by eliminating waste and redundancies.
  • Quality Improvement: Delivering consistent quality through standardized and automated processes.
  • Increased Agility: Enhancing the ability to adapt to changes quickly and efficiently.
  • Strategic Focus: Freeing up resources to concentrate on strategic, value-added activities rather than routine tasks.
  • Access to Expertise: Leveraging the knowledge and insights of experts in process optimization and automation.
  • Scalability: Building a foundation that allows for scalable growth and expansion.


Process Optimization and Automation Advisory Services are pivotal for organizations looking to thrive in a competitive environment. By focusing on sustainably and continuously improving efficiency, quality, agility, and innovation, these services help businesses transform their operational landscape. The combination of expert insights, tailored strategies, and the intelligent application of technology leads to a more responsive and cost-effective organization, better positioned to meet the demands of today’s fast-paced business world. It’s not just about doing things faster; it’s about doing things smarter, and these services offer the guidance and tools necessary to achieve that objective.

Success Story

Our partner in the automotive industry approached us with an extremely time-sensitive matter, that involved untangling multiple interlinked Excel workbooks, to make last-minute adjustments to their budget.

Our team provided expert support on-site to assess the situation and streamline the files so minor adjustments could be made very efficiently. This few-day exercise not only resulted in a more usable process, but also the successful presentation of the adjusted budget to the board.

Outsourcing solutions for an airline company

As a new airline our Client was looking for an outsourcing partner to support them right from the beginning with all accounting matters a new company with complex operations can expect. PS was engaged not just to design, set-up but also to assist in operating and continuously improving...

SSC support for a mobile communication company

As various functions from lots of countries were in the process of migrating into the SSC our Client was looking for ongoing support of additional resources from PS. We had to provide qualified and trained temporary replacement who after a minimal transition period was able to take over the necessary tasks and ensure...

Accounting and reporting process improvement

Despite using tailor made solutions, Client was struggling with his accounting and reporting systems which were working unreliably and were unable to satisfy complex management information needs.

Accounting for leasing companies

For leasing companies of a financial institutions we had to take over the comprehensive accounting and taxation services of the property sub-group (52 entities). Client expectations were to meet tight deadlines and complex reporting requirements based on bookkeeping to be continued in their special accounting system.

Due diligence support for a media company

PS was assigned to carry out a due diligence before an acquisition deal among two significant players within the industry. Our Client was expecting a report on compliance with accounting and tax regulations as well as support in analysis future cash flow projections to validate income and expenditure assumptions...

Fast clean-up for a real estate company

The accounting books of the Client were in a mess, account balances were unreconciled and they were also late with tax return filings. We were asked for immediate support as they were preparing the Company for sale.

Payroll services in state and government sector

After winning the contract, PS had the opportunity to provide payroll and cafeteria administration services for a client in the governmental sector. The transition period was challenging, as less than 2 months were left to take the client over from the previous service provider and to set-up the new payroll system and cafeteria processes.

Process improvement at a global media company

Our Client had diverse solutions and systems for finance accounting and management reporting functions. They were looking for less manual processes, recommendations for automation opportunities and strengthened internal controls.

Consolidated financial statements

Our Client is an active investor on the real estate market. In addition to ongoing accounting services PS was assigned to provide consolidated financial statements for the Stock Exchange and assist in the statutory audit twice a year by adhering to strict internal deadlines.